Class Representatives

April 2012

To:  All Alumni

Subject :  Seeking Class Representatives

Dear MCS Alumni,

The Alumni Association committee is trying to correct and complete the registry of former MCS students and graduates..  We started with a spreadsheet containing names and addresses of the alumni.  The spreadsheet contained about 1400 names and addresses and several hundred names without addresses.  We have no simple way of identifying which addresses are or are not valid.  The spreadsheet also contained only a small number of email addresses.  

This is what we’ve done so far.
  • In December 2011 we established a website for the Association and created an online form that people could fill out to give us their up-to-date contact information.  We announced the website by email to those for whom we then had email addresses and asked those few people to forward the message on to all their friends and family who were MCS alumni.  We hoped that it would spread the word, and to some degree, it has.  
  • We’ve performed web searches to correct address (zip codes, etc.) and to fix obvious errors in the mailing list.
  • We placed an article in the Feb/Mar edition of the MCS Newsletter that is sent out in the Milford school district announcing the website.
  • We created a Facebook page for the Alumni Association website.
  • We sent out a 2012 Alumni Banquet Save-the-Date letter to the mailing list we have.  That has resulted in a number of new form submissions online and the return of a number of mailback forms.  Many verified correct address and most provided email addresses. It has also resulted in more undeliverable returns.
  • We have a few volunteers from Milford working the list to fill in as many blanks as possible, but it’s a big job.

In the new Alumni Association By Laws (currently in draft form) we discuss the creation of a standing Membership Committee, who would actively seek out former students and graduates and add them to the Association registry.  In support of that effort, we want to establish Class Representatives (ideally one per class year) who will take on the task of locating and communicating with their former classmates and encouraging them to add their name to the Association rolls.  The class reps would also represent their class to the Executive Committee.

We’d like to encourage each of you to do two things.  
  • Please contact as many people as you can and ask them to visit the MCS Alumni Website and fill out a Contact Information Form.  The website address is  A link to the Contact Information form is on the home page of the website.  Forwarding this message with an encouraging word or two would be great.
  • Also, please consider volunteering to be a Class Representative for your class.  We need more people actively working to find missing classmates. Many hands make light work, and we want class representatives to enlist their former classmates in the effort. We're hoping for a broader representation of class years on both the Executive Committee and on the standing and ad hoc committees we will establish.     

We want many more people actively involved with the Alumni Association.  We need people who are interested in preserving the Association and who will participate in discussions before important or controversial decisions are made.  We want the website to not just be a place to publish information, but to make it interactive and give all of the Alumni a voice and a way to take an active role in the business and activities of the Association.

If you are interested in becoming a Class Representative, or helping us out in some other way, please contact me at  You can also fill out a Contact the Committee form by clicking this link Contact the Committee Form .

We want your help.


Hugo Beck (1963)
MCS Alumni Association President and Website Manager
On Behalf of The MCS Alumni Association Executive Committee

Thanks to these alumni who have volunteered to help find and represent their classmates. Please contact me so I can add you to the list.  

Hugo Beck, Website Manager

1959 William Rasmussen

1961 Katherine Gorence Downey (Kip)

1963 Linda Cortright Olmsted

1964 Doug Knapp

1971 Pam Baird Pier

1975 Beth Cole Spence

1978 Richard Rumple

2000 Casandra Miller Sabellico

2004 Kyle Beckley