Class Rolls - 1920 & 1923

These pictures were donated by Janice Salisbury Sperbeck (1954).  This is the email she sent that describe the documents.

Hugo, maybe you could use these...... My Mom Marian Rowe graduated in 1920, and my Dad Robert Salisbury in 1923. These  are their class rolls at graduation.  There was no class of 1922 according to my Dad. he was the only one to graduate  and he stayed an extra year because they didn’t want to hold the ceremony for 1 student.  Also they needed him to drive the horse and wagon or sleigh down from Arnold’s Lake to bring the other children.  I don’t know if they had a yearbook but my mom had a class picture.  I’ll ask my older sister.   My grandmother graduated from Milford too but I don’t have anything on her. Janice

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