Emails Sent to Alumni Association Members

March 2013 
Dear MCS Alumni,

The MCS Alumni Association Executive Committee is pleased to announce the upcoming Milford Central Alumni Association‘s 2013 Alumni Banquet.

This year the banquet will be held on Saturday, June 15th at the Holiday Inn in Oneonta. The date selected is the weekend prior to Milford’s High School graduation so the seniors will still be in town and might attend.  We’re awarding scholarships to two seniors this year and intend to present their checks at the banquet.

The banquet ticket price this year will again be $25 per person.  That is an inclusive fee that covers the meal, facilities fee, gratuity and taxes.  We have not added any additional amount to the banquet cost for communications, administration, or other association operating costs, but will rely on donations from the alumni to cover those expenses.

We'll be sending out banquet invitations in early May. In order to reduce costs this year:
  • we’ll send just one invitation letter around May 1st.  No “save-the-date” letter will be sent. This email message is taking its place.
  • if  two or more alumni share an address we’ll mail a single invitation letter to that address.
  • paper mail invitations will only be sent to those alumni for whom we do not have a confirmed email address.  To reduce cost and effort, we’d eventually like move away from mailing invitation letters and rely on electronic communications as much as possible.

Complete banquet information is on the website and will be updated as the event draws nearer. 

For the first time this year, you can register for the banquet online.  You can also pay for banquet tickets using a credit/debit card or by using PayPal.  If you prefer, you can still mail a check. Please visit the website to register, and check back occasionally for updated information.  

We’re seeking volunteers to serve on next year’s committee.  Please tell us if you might be interested in volunteering for an office or wish to contribute in any other way.   As long as you have a phone and a computer, distance from Milford should not be a disqualifying factor.  We also are interested in hearing any thoughts, opinions or suggestions you have regarding the Alumni Banquet (location, cost, date, frequency, etc.), or your thoughts regarding the role and future of the Alumni Association in general.

Regardless of whether or not you plan to attend the banquet or have comments, please take a moment to reply to this email to let us know you have received it.  We need this to confirm that the email address we have for you is correct.  It is very important that we know who received this email, so please reply now so you don’t forget.  

Please help by passing the word to friends or family who may not have received this email.

Best regards,
Hugo Beck (1963)
On behalf of the 2013 MCS Alumni Association Executive Committee

January 2012 - The message below was sent as an email in January 2012 to all MCS Alumni for whom we then had addresses.  Our hope is that you will forwarded on to others and help us build a membership roster/mailing list for all those who wish to receive information about the Alumni Association.  Please copy this message and pass it along by email or any means to all those MCS classmates and friends you are in contact with.  Thanks for your help.  - The Committee

January 2012
Subject:  A message from the Milford Central School Alumni Association Committee

From:  The 2012 Milford Central School Alumni Association Committee
To:      Former students and graduates of Milford Central School, Milford, New York

Dear Milford Alumni and friends; we need your help.

We're pleased to tell you that the Milford Central School Alumni Association has a new web site.  The address is .  

The Alumni Association Committee's primary job is to organize the Annual Alumni Banquet.  This year it will be held on June 30, 2012 at the Elks Lodge in Oneonta, New York.  Preliminary information is posted on the web site now and we'll add more information as it becomes available.  We expect complete information to be available in early May.  

We want to invite as many people as we can to attend this year's banquet and to do that we need your help spreading the word.  Our list of contacts for the Alumni is woefully incomplete and we're unsure if the information is current.  We ask you all to help us by visiting the web site and filling out a contact information form to update and verify your contact information.  You can also click here to open the form..  

After you've filled out and submitted a form for yourself, please forward this email to all of the friends and classmates you have email addresses for and encourage them to submit a contact information form.  It might be best to forward the message using To or Cc rather than Bcc so people can see who's already been sent a copy.  The information you submit will only be available to the Committee.   We'll publish a list of people that have filled out the form on the web site and will only include information that you tell us is OK to publish on the web site.

Please fill out a form, even if you know you won't be attending the banquet this year.  We'll want to inform you about future news and events.
We'll be adding more content and additional features to the web site as time passes.  Please visit the site and give us feedback about what you'd like to see added and we'll do our best to accommodate.  

Warm regards and fond memories,

The 2012 MCS Alumni Association Committee
President - Dick Young (1958)
Vice President - Joan Young (1961)
Secretary - Sandy Andrews (1970)
Treasurer - Nancy Martindale (1969)  
Website Manager - Hugo Beck (1963)

Advisory Committee Members
Moe Olmsted (1959)
Linda Olmsted (1963
Michael Kubis (1962
Kip Downey (1961)
Stephanie Ashe (2012)
Miles Jahnke (2012)
Herb & Bonnie Olmsted (1958)
Rick Cornish (1974)
Viola Ploutz (1963)
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