2013 Alumni Banquet

The 2013 Alumni Banquet was held on June 15, 2013 at the Oneonta Holiday Inn.

The evening began at 5:00 PM with registration and a social hour in the restaurant/lounge area.  Click here to see photos that were taken when people registered.

At 6:00 PM we moved into the main ballroom.  After the Pledge of Alliance, the Alma Mater lead by Joan Eggleston Young and the Invocation given by Gilbert Sherman, dinner was served.

Following dinner, the evening's presentation began.  A roll of attendees was called and classes and individuals in attendance were called to stand and be recognized.  Click here to view the slide presentation used.

Special recognition was made for 
  • Earliest Class Year (Eldest) - Niles Eggleston 1935
  • Most Recent Class Year (Youngest) - James Mattison 1998
  • Furthest Traveled - Harold Hanson 1959  Bonita Springs, FL (1427 Miles via I-95)
Niles was presented an embroidered Wildcats sweatshirt to commemorate his winning the award this year and in many years past.  Niles is a steadfast supporter of the Alumni Association and the Scholarship program and the award is well-deserved.  Thanks to Kip Gorence Downey (1961) for donating this award.  Be sure to look for Niles and his sweatshirt in the banquet photos taken by Dick Payne.

During the roll call of classes, we gave special recognition to the class of 1963 who celebrated their 50th graduation anniversary at this year's banquet.  12 classmates were present which was a wonderful turnout.  Linda Cortright Olmsted arranged lunch at the Milford Inn (Elm Inn) earlier in the day, so we were able to spend a good part of the day together, catching up with each others lives and remembering good times (and maybe just a little bad behavior).

A highlight of the night for everyone was the presentation of the scholarship awards to our honored-graduate guests, Elijah Coley and Peggy-Lynn Paffenroth.  Elijah was awarded the 2013 Valedictorian Scholarship and Peggy-Lynn received the  2013 Excellence Award Scholarship.  Click here to see their photo.   Elijah and Peggy-Lynn both gave short acceptance remarks and told us about their future plans.  We were impressed by them both and feel fortunate that we were able to present the scholarships at the banquet in front of the alumni.  This was possible, because the banquet was scheduled around the time of graduation and will be a consideration in selecting the time for next year's banquet. 

The next event of the evening was the business meeting.  Please click here to view the 2013 Banquet Presentation which contains the agenda for the meeting.  Two votes were taken during the business meeting.  The first vote approved the Association Bylaws as submitted by the committee.  Click here to view the ratified Bylaws,  The second vote approved the slate of officers for 2013/2014.

Remarks were made concerning the 2014 banquet.  The major news being that we have a volunteer to chair the 2014 Alumni Banquet Committee.  Kelly Hulbert Spettel (1984) has volunteered to take on the job and the Executive Committee will be working closely with her and her committee to plan next year's banquet.

The Scholarship Program was discussed, and we were happy to announce that Jane Schempf Sherman (1947) was offering a beautiful hand-made quilt (that she had personally made), for sale, with the proceeds to be donated to the Alumni Association Scholarship Fund.  The quilt was on display throughout the evening and Jane gave a heartfelt and emotional description of how the quilt was made and its significance to her as a young and newly married woman.  We are happy to report that the quilt was purchased by a banquet attendee and that the money received has been deposited in the Alumni Association Scholarship Fund.  Pictures of the quilt and of Jane while she was speaking are among the photos shown here.  Jane's generous contribution will benefit future graduates and will also bring joy to the young woman for whom the quilt was purchased.  Our heartfelt thanks go out to Jane for her wonderful and meaningful contribution.

A 50/50 drawing was held and was won by Harold Butler, who most generously donated back his half to the scholarship fund.  Sharry Strait-Carey won the consolation gift basket which was created and donated by Diane Beck.

Music, dancing and conversation followed until nearly midnight.  Special thanks are due to Rick Cornish for his work as our DJ for the evening.  We're most fortunate to have him and we appreciate his generosity and long-time support of the Alumni Association.

Thanks to all who attended.  We hope you all had a great time and that we'll see many of you again next year.  .

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