You May Pay for Banquet Tickets Using PayPal, a Credit/Debit Card 
or by Mailing a Check

If you've not yet done so, please fill-out and submitted a Banquet Reservations form.

Please pay for tickets before May 29th, so we can give the Holiday Inn a firm count and make the payment due before the banquet.

If you are attending the banquet, you can make a donation to the Scholarship Fund or a contribution toward administrative expenses along with your ticket purchase to avoid multiple checks or having to submit credit card information twice.

Instructions - Please read!
  • Click on the "Donate" button, below.
  • Enter your payment amount near the top of the page.  (The amount you will enter is the total of your ticket costs ($27 per ticket) plus any additional amount you wish to donate for the Scholarship Fund or Admin Expenses.
  • Sign in and pay with PayPal, or
  • To pay by Credit Card, find the text on the lower left side that says "Use your credit card or bank account" and click on "Continue".
  • Fill out the credit card form and then click on "Review Donations and Continue".

***Click The "Donate" button below to Pay for Banquet Tickets
 and to Donate to the Scholarship Fund*** 


Instructions for Paying by Mail:
  • Make a check payable to the Milford Alumni Association and note any donations to the Scholarship Fund or contributions toward administrative expense (mailing, etc.).
We'll get your name from the information printed on your check and will associate it with the Reservation form you've submitted.

Mail the check to: 

MCS Alumni Association
c/o  Sharry Strait-Carey
19 Hudson St.
Oneonta, NY 13820